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Esoon Marketing is a leading provider in the battery business. Starting in 2013 with a single outlet in Johor Bahru, we have since grown to almost 30 battery retail and wholesale outlets in Malaysia. Our backbone is our team of dedicated and hard-working mechanics who understand batteries like no one. No matter what type of battery you are looking for, we can provide it to you in no time.
Our experts can be reached just one call way or one click away on Whatsapp or Facebook. Tell us what you are looking for and we would be pleased to service your vehicle in the shortest possible time. Feel free to walk-in at our workshop to experience hassle-free battery installation in your budget.

您可以透过Whatsapp , Facebook 或致电给我们任何一间分行进行预约或查询我们的服务。我们将以最快的速度为您提供咨询。此外,我们也欢迎您前来我们任何一间分行体验我们快捷且实惠的电池安装服务
About Us

About Our Founder 创办人的故事

Before the establishment of Esoon Marketing Sdn Bhd, Mr Chay had started to involve himself in the battery industry. Through his discussion with clients and prospects, Mr Chay began to recognize that there was a greater need beyond just selling batteries. For example, customer needs on-site battery replacement service as not everyone knows how to install or replace the car’s battery. 
Seeing the great potential of the market, Mr Chay decided to establish Esoon Marketing Sdn Bhd. In addition to supply top-grade and extensive variety of batteries, he also wishes to bring convenience to the customers through providing battery delivery and on-site battery installation services.

Our Vision

Our Vision 愿景

Our vision is to expand our service area to every corner in Malaysia and be the most reliable and most trustable battery retailer in Malaysia.

Our Mission

Our Mission 任务

We pledge to support your needs by providing a variety of quality products that will last the distance

Why Us  

Why Us? 选择我们的原因

We import batteries from some of the world’s most famous manufacturers and we distribute them to every corner in Malaysia. As it can be indicated by our high inventory turnover rate, you can rest assure that our batteries are being well taken care of. Besides, we have our own activation department to ensure that each of our battery will achieve its optimal battery life.

我们是许多全球知名电池品牌在马来西亚的授权代理商,我们也不断在马来西亚拓展业务,致力于将最优质的蓄电池带到马来西亚的每一个角落。我们也有专属的部门对蓄电池进行活化处理以便能够有效延长蓄电池的使用寿命 。
Activation Department  

Activation Department 蓄电池活化装置

In order to retard any plate degradation and extend battery lifespan, we have built an in-house activation department for the purpose of keeping our batteries at their optimal conditions.

Battery Wholesale  

Battery Wholesale 蓄电池批发

We welcome wholesale battery buyers to contact us for more information. We have a large quantity of batteries available priced lower than the retails.